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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2081 – She’s Even Worse than Jing Yunyan touch rich
Section 2081: She’s More Serious than Jing Yunyan
Anyhow, he couldn’t have the verdict that Dongfang Ziyu lost but because the outcomes weren’t out still. No one understood what number of secret crystals many people got.
He had a lot more wonder crystals than Baili Zongyang 36 months previously, but Baili Zongyang was only on the optimum point with the Heartrate Level in those days, thus it couldn’t establish that Jing Yunyan was better than Baili Zongyang.
Anyways, he couldn’t make bottom line that Dongfang Ziyu shed however as the final results weren’t out but. None of us knew how many magical crystals other individuals obtained.
Jing Yunyan was No.1, while he needed the No.1 range card once they went along to remain competitive for any range greeting cards. Hence, Jing Yunyan was the first who stepped ahead to record the magical crystals he obtained.
When they discovered that they were already out from the misty forest, they altered their outfits.
Soon after Mo Qilin needed the wonder crystals and place them into his bag, he experienced his appearance shake somewhat and they had been already back into the rectangular when his vision grew to become apparent once more.
Subsequently, it absolutely was understandable that Dongfang Ziyu was not happy concerning the effect.
Immediately after Mo Qilin got the miraculous crystals and put them into his travelling bag, he believed his vision shake just a little and in addition they had been already back in the rectangular when his view started to be very clear again.
However, Gu Ning do, and she didn’t hesitate to determine what number of magic crystals they had.
Nonetheless, Gu Ning does, and she didn’t be afraid to view the amount of magical crystals they had.
Jing Yaorong enjoyed a teeth on his mouth. However he didn’t know how lots of miracle crystals other people got however, Jing Yunyan got already received an effective outcome. Including the various cultivators in the Great Center Point couldn’t use a greater consequence than Jing Yunyan.
On the list of three cultivators on the Great Primary Stage, every ones didn’t have many miraculous crystals in Gu Ning’s view for the reason that Gu Ning acquired much more than them.
Consequently, it absolutely was simple to comprehend that Dongfang Ziyu was unhappy relating to the result.
Subsequently, it was actually easy to understand that Dongfang Ziyu was not happy about the end result.
Presently, it absolutely was 6 pm. That they had moved into the misty forest at 10 am.
Regardless, Jing Yunyan possessed a comparatively decent outcome, so everyone was envious of him.
No.6 was Dongfang Ziyu.
Jing Yunyan possessed seven magical crystals to all, like 1 within the fifth stage, a single within the 4th degree, two in the thirdly level, and three at the following level.
The heavens wasn’t darkish yet still, but it can be dark soon simply because it was already November.
Dongfang Ziyu experienced seven miracle crystals too, which include one on the 5th point, one particular at the fourth degree, one particular on the third amount, and four for the secondly stage.
If there was any partic.i.p.ants who got far more magical crystals than one of those, she was willing to give all her wonder crystals to Leng Shaoting and help him gain.
After Jing Yunyan, there are a handful of partic.i.p.ants consecutively who obtained no wonder crystals at all, then it was the No.5 partic.i.p.ant who only were built with a secondly-degree miracle crystal.
Subsequently, it absolutely was easy to undestand that Dongfang Ziyu was unsatisfied regarding the effect.
In the event the partic.i.p.ants made an appearance within the rectangular once again, people were inside of a chaos as they held their postures out of the misty woodland. Some had been lying down seriously hurt on a lawn, while some were within a fight. Anyhow, they had distinct postures. Just one or two folks could keep a perfect appearance.
Even so, many people obtained large targets of Dongfang Ziyu before the activity, therefore they started to speak about her immediately after considering that she was much worse than Jing Yunyan.
Among the list of seven magical crystals, he had robbed others of two. A single was a third-stage secret crystal, as well as other was really a next-level magical crystal. Anyways, if they eventually left the misty forest, the wonder crystals ended up his even if he robbed many people of these.
Subsequently, it had been reasonable that Dongfang Ziyu was disappointed regarding the consequence.
Discovering Dongfang Ziyu’s apprehensive manifestation, Dongfang He understood she may well not have a good result.
Following Jing Yunyan, there have been some partic.i.p.ants in a row who experienced no magical crystals in any respect, it was the No.5 partic.i.p.ant who only possessed a 2nd-level magic crystal.
Therefore, it had been reasonable that Dongfang Ziyu was not happy regarding the end result.
“I imagined Dongfang Ziyu is most probably to gain the initial winning prize, but unexpectedly she’s worse still than Jing Yunyan.”

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